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Vol. 2, No. 1, December 2018 (full issue pdf)
Table of Contents
Invariant Method in Topological Data Analysis (A Paradigm on Data Shape Approach)
Antonio Alatorre, F. I. Becerra and J.M. Casillas
The Development of a Game with Applications of Object-oriented Programming Concepts
Yanzhi Huang, Ting Zhang, Ling Xu
An improved distance metric for clustering gene expression time-series data

Philip Heller Bharath Baiju

Development and Calibration of a Portable Controller for Adjustable Pulmonary Artery Shunt
Muhammad Z Hasan, Eduardo Beattie, John Witt, Waqar Mohiuddin, Rainer Fink
Genomic Big Data Regression Analysis
Alin Tomoiaga, John Farelly, Shintaro Nakamura
Secured Online Transcript Issuing and Processing Using Crypto-Steganography Technique
Bamidele Ibitayo Faluyi, Ogunlola Okunola Olasunkanmi, Olukemi Sade Ayodel
Big Data Adoption: Theories, Framework, Opportunities and Challenges
Ayeni Ayokunle Olusola, Faluyi Bamidele Ibitayo
A Class of Delay Differential Inverse Variational Inequalities
Han Gao, Changchun Gao, Xinlei Huang





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