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Vol. 1, No. 1, Octber 2016 (full issue pdf)
Marketability of Filipino Teacher Education Graduates
Helen B. Boholano, Ethel L. Abao, Jewish A. Merin and Marili Cardillo


The study investigated the marketability of the Teacher Education graduates of Cebu Normal University. Marketability yields specific skills required not only to gain employment but also attain one's capabilities in the dynamic workplaces. The study surveyed the Graduates of BEEd and BSEd degree programs across personal and professional qualities, special skills and training. It also viewed on marketability values and features on the graduate's employment data or experience adopted from the GTS questionnaires. The study utilized a combination of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis techniques. The results affirm that Cebu Normal University; Philippines Education graduates has competed the society that meet the needs of the employer. These pointed out the conclusion that the teacher education graduates are qualified to teach based on their own field of specialization. The study revealed that the graduates are employable based on the specialization. Furthermore, the study concluded that the teachers are qualified and possessed special skills as teachers in the 21st century.
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H. B. Boholano, E. L. Abao, J. A. Merin, M. Cardillo. (2016). Marketability of Filipino Teacher Education Graduates. Journal of Management Science and Business Intelligence, 1(1), 1-11.





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