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Vol. 1, No. 1, Octber 2016 (full issue pdf)
Servant Leadership as A Leadership Model
Osmond C. Ingram, Jr.
Research and popular writing on the subject of leadership continues at a rapid pace. The leadership section at local bookstores and libraries gives evidence to the growing number of volumes written from numerous perspectives and from a wide range of experience. There appears to be no quarrel with the idea that leadership is in short supply, yet it is vitally important to every type of organization. Within this mass of literature are those who explore various theories, approaches, and styles, as well as those who offer their own brand of leadership principles that are sure to solve the leadership problems of most any organization. Though no longer an unknown model, servant leadership is seeing increased research through scholarly articles, dissertations, and books on this relatively new approach to leadership. Servant leadership is not based on a complicated set of guidelines; however, some basic tenets have been researched, studied and compiled by a host of scholars and popular speakers. It is interesting that, in spite of the extent of available literature, many people are unable to clearly define servant leadership. This presentation will contribute to defining servant leadership, explain its genesis and concepts, and offer the model as an option for effective leadership in organizations.
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