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Vol. 1, No. 1, Octber 2016 (full issue pdf)
An Adaptive Time Step Scheme based on Taylor’s Remainder Term
Henry Foust
An adaptive time step method was developed based on the Taylor series remainder term associated with Euler’s method, which is utilized to solve initial value problems involving ordinary differential equations. The accuracy and stability of the developed method was determined for three test cases where one of the test cases was stiff. It is also show that the accuracy of the developed method compares well with Runge Kutta 2. In future research, this method will be applied to explicit and implicit versions of Runge Kutta 2 to include Calahan’s method, which is a variation of the Rosenbrock’s scheme.
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H. Foust. (2016). An Adaptive Time Step Scheme based on Taylor’s Remainder Term. Journal of Management Science and Business Intelligence, 1(1), 53-61.





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