Aim Higher, Inspire More

The IBII 2016 International Conference in Business Intelligence, Computer Science, and Education (ICBCE '16) Conference Summary

With a theme of “Aim Higher, Inspire More”,The IBII 2016 International Conference in Business Intelligence, Computer Science, and Education (ICBCE '16) was successfully held April 28-30, 2016 in Houston, Taxes, United States. The conference was chaired by Dr. Bruce O’Neal of Sam Houston State University, it brought together a wide range of scholars and researchers focused on various research topics in Business Intelligence, Computer Science, Education and Social Development. 

The conference program provided participants with the rich opportunity to explore relevant issues consisted of 3 Conference Tracks that broadly covered the following topics specific to Business Intelligence, Computer Science, Education and Social Development.

Conference Track 1:
2016 International Conference on Management, Leadership and Business Intelligence (ICBCE-MLBI '16)

Conference Track 2:
2016 International Conference on Intelligent Computing (ICBCE-IC '16)

Conference Track 3:
2016 International Conference on Education and Social Development (ICBCE-ESD '16)

Another highlight of the conference was to introduce virtual online presentation for participants that could not make it in person. We believe today’s sophisticated digital platforms are enabling virtual environments that simulate the benefits of real events, and attendees are beginning to shift to accessing subject matter experts and industry networking online. One of our virtual participants said “This is even better! I don’t have to deal with the time conflict between the conference and my work.” Some stated “I can’t believe it was remark­ably effec­tive – not only did it save travel expenses and time for me, but it turned out that the vir­tual con­fer­ence had an advan­tage over in-person con­fer­ences in a way.”

When asked the reason for attending the ICBCE’16 conference, here are the leading reasons participants cited.

  • Networking
  • Professional development
  • Updates on critical issues and trends in the field
  • Engaging panels and discussions
  • Keynote speakers presentation

Sincere and deep appreciation is expressed to all who presented and to all who attended and make the 2016 ICBCE Conference successful. All the invaluable feedback will be carefully considered by 2017 Conference Chair and the Conference Organizing Team who will work to incorporate as many of the suggestions as possible into the 2017 conference next year.

IBII is pleased to announce the 2017 ICBCE conference will be held in Houston, TX, USA on April 7-9, 2017. Please note that the Call for Presentation for the 2017 conference will be sent out in September, 2016, with a Jan. 30, 2017 deadline. We look forward to your participation at next year’s ICBCE conference in Houston, USA on April 7-9, 2017!


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