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Vol. 2, No. 2, Aug. 2017 (full issue pdf)
Table of Contents
Cluster Analysis of Liquidity Measures in A Stock Market Using High Frequency Data

Amin Salighehdar, Yang Liu , Dragos Bozdog and Ionut Florescu

Measuring a leader’s ability to identify and avert crisis

Jamie Brownlee-Turgeon

Health Recommender System using Big data analytics
J.Archenaa, E.A.Mary Anita
A Manifold and Multi-Phase Framework for Bulk IT Procurement

Jim Tam, Junlian Xiang, Tzu-Ming Lin


Diversity Assessment to Learn About Students’ Attitudes and Awareness Concerning Diversity Prior to Enrolling In a Diversity Course and Students’ Attitudes and Awareness About Diversity After the Completion of a Diversity Course
Pamela R. Rochester
The comparison of machine learning methods to achieve most cost-effective prediction for credit card default

Shantanu Neema, Benjamin Soibam

An Empirical Analysis of Leader Personality and Servant Leadership
Yu Sun, Esther Gergen, Phyllis Duncan, Barbara Hinojosa, Mark Green





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