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Vol. 3, No. 2, Dec. 2018 (full issue pdf)
Table of Contents
Pandemonium jolts everyday creativity – a case study analysis

Frederik Hertel, Michelle Wicmandy

Deterministic Project Management with AI Applicability in Globalized Context
Jim Tam, Bharat Shah. Franklyn Prescod
Longitudinal analysis of Information Security Incident Spillover Effects
Justin M. Pelletier
An Assessment of Leadership Style as Perceived by Followers When Considering Leader Integrity and Employee Attitudes Towards Whistleblowing
Tricia R. Phillips, Yu Sun, Esther Gergen, Phyllis Duncan
The Interaction of Generation and Gender: Differences in Leadership Assessment of the Dark Triad
Esther Gergen, Carol Wheeler, Meghan Carmody-Bubb, Michelle Avila, Mark Green
Identifying the Factors of Satisfaction with Workplace Relationships

Olga Tararukhina, Svetlana Gurieva

Leader Emotional Intelligence and Composite Ratings of Leadership
Phyllis Duncan, Jared Montoya, Yu Sun, Barbara Hinojosa, Adriana Garcia and
Mark T. Green
Multicultural Study of Entrepreneurial Competencies and SMEs Success in  Malaysian Service Industry: A Conceptual Model
Ghazala Khan, Mass Hareeza Ali, Amer Hamzah Bin Jantan , Ahmed Razman
Millennial Leadership Expectations, Shared Leadership, and the Future of Organizations
Jim A. McCleskey







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