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Since IBII founded in 2010 and renamed in 2015 as Institution of Business Intelligence Innovation, it has enjoyed the most rapid development in the research areas of computer science, information technology, Mathematics,economic, management, leadership study as well as their applications in general and in particular. Nowadays, IBII is an international organization that provides an academic platform for researchers and scholars around the world. The main activities of IBII include the collaboration with universities, research institutions and scientific organizations all around the world, publication of academic journals, holding conference and related activities that advance the relational scientific field. IBII also provide an effective academic forum to students struggling to meet their high standards through valid exchanges and adequate communication with the other distinguished scholars in all countries of the world.

New publish: Vol 2, No 2 of Journal JMSBI
ICMLBI'18, ICESD'18 and ICICBD'18 will be held at April 6-7, 2018
New publish: Vol 2, No 1 of Journal JMSBI
The IBII 2017 Multi-International Conferences were successfully held at April 7-8, 2017
IBII will lanch new journal AJAR

JMSBI was indexed by multiple academic databases

IBII will lanch new journal JESD
ICESD '17 will be held at April 07-08 2016
ICICBD '17 will be held at April 07-08 2016
ICMLBI '17 will be held at April 07-08 2016
IBII Refund Policy
New publish: Vol 1, No 1 of Journal JMSBI
ICBCE '16 was successfully held at April 28-30, 2016
IBII Multi-Conferences17
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Keynote Speech
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