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2022 International Conference on Social Science, Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Studies (ICSSHIS ’22)

Dallas, TX


Virtual and in person conferences
April 1-2, 2022

The 2022 IBII International Conference on Social Science, Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Studies (ICSSHIS’22) is an International research conference that attracts attendees from all over the world. The conference will provide open dialogue about the latest research and findings being conducted across a wide area. In previous years, 11 countries over 4 continents were represented.

The conference will take place at University of North Texas in Dallas, TX. In addition to the beautiful and spacious campus near downtown Dallas, the conference boasts convenient access to both national and international airports.

ICSSHIS aims to provide both a practical and an up-to-date forum for researchers in social sciences, history, literature, and any humanities field to present their best practices and to share the findings of their current research. The conference specializes in the technological aspects of the humanities and society. However, the interdisciplinary aspect of every field can and should be represented as all research is fundamentally a human endeavor that affects all of society, so researchers from all fields are invited to apply to present the impact of their research in these areas.

The conference will also provide the participants a broad overview of the latest education, technology, and leadership research and will be a valuable reference source for further research and professional networking. We look forward to seeing you here!

Dallas Attractions

Fair Park, Dallas, TX

Fair Park covers 277-acres just east of downtown Dallas. Its cultural, historical and entertainment venues play host to visitors from around the world every day of the year.

The park opened in 1886 with what was called the Dallas State Fair. Several structures, including the Centennial Building and Cotton Bowl Stadium, made their debut on the grounds between 1900 and 1930.

But Fair Park really became a part of the nation’s consciousness in 1936, when state leaders chose it to host a world’s fair commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Texas Republic. Texas' history, economy, flora and fauna were highlighted in the buildings, statues, and murals designed for the event. Architects and artists came from all over the world to design a variety of elements that would establish the unique Art Deco throughout Fair Park.

Today, Fair Park stands as the only intact and unaltered pre-1950s world fair site in the United States. Between the art deco and architecture, the history, and the events, Fair Park reflects an all-in-one, unique destination to visit for all.

Scope and list of subjects for ICSSHIS'22 (includes but not limited to):

*Social Sciences and Humanities
- Anthropology
- Art History
- Arts
- English
- History
- Information science
- Islamic Studies
- Language
- Linguistics
- Literature
- Local Government
- Multidisciplinary Studies
- Museums and heritage
- Music
- Occupational Science
- Philosophy
- Poetry
- Politics
- Psychology
- Regional Studies
- Religious studies
- Social Sciences
- Sociology

*Interdisciplinary Studies
- Children and Youth
- Communications and Media
- Complex Systems
- Conflict resolution
- Creativity
- Culture
- Disaster Management
- Discourse
- Film studies
- Gender studies
- GLBT Studies
- Globalization
- Human Rights
- Identity
- Memory
- Poverty
- Public Policy
- Sexuality and eroticism
- Spirituality
- Sport science
- Sustainable development
- Tourism
- Urban studies
- Violence


Call for Presentation, Special Sessions and Symposia

The 2022 International Conference on Social Science, Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Studies (ICSSHIS ’22) will be held at at University of North Texas at Dallas in Dallas, TX. The conference invites you to submit abstracts of your research presentation and special session proposals to this conference. The presentation can be in person or via video conference.

Full papers are not required for the conference but recommend if you wish to publish a paper on selected IBII Journal after the conference. Following your registration, ICSSHIS '22 will select a number of the best extended versions of the papers for publication IBII'S Journals (JMSBI, JESD, AIAJ), and you will be given instructions on how to submit an extended version of your abstract and paper. Best presentation awards are voted during each session of the conference.

The benefits of attending ICSSHIS are considerable for established academics and new scientists alike. Apart from the academic benefits, the rich social and cultural program is always associated with our events. Attractive destinations and quality venues ensure an enjoyable stay to all participants. The multinational composition of the attendees often stimulates the initiation of fruitful conversations. The overall experience is always fulfilling.

Although this web site is designed to answer any questions you might have regarding the event, please feel free to contact ICSSHIS conference organizing team if you have any questions via email


  1. The presentation will be 20 minutes talk followed by 10 minutes Q&A (Total of 30 minutes each)
  2. To apply for a talk, you are required to submit an abstract (see Submission for more details)
  3. Presentation types: 
    • On-site Presentation: The standard format for presentation.
    • Virtual Presentation: If presenters will not be able to attend the conference, virtual presentation opportunity via video conference will allow authors to present their paper. Following the conference, Certificate of Presentation and a copy of the conference program will be emailed to the virtual presenter. Hard copies can be mailed upon request. Instruction of setting up virtual connection will be provided via email through

Brochure and Agenda:

  1. Conference draft agenda (available soon)
  2. Conference brochure (available soon)


  1. The conference will accept abstracts up to 500 words
  2. Go to 2022 IBII Conference Submission System and submit your abstract online. Any questions, please contact
  3. The deadline of abstract submissions: March 15, 2022 Extended to March 22, 2022



Early Bird Registration

Advanced Registration

General Registration Last-Minute Registration

By January 24, 2022

By Feburary 15, 2022 By March 15, 2022 After March 15, 2022

General Attendee








IBII Member



  1. IBII has no funding for presenters. Do not submit an abstract unless at least one author is certain to attend the conference. All presenters must register to attend the conference—no exceptions.
  2. If the presentation has multiple authors and the other co-authors also want to attend the conference, he/she also need to register for the conference. If the same author has multiple presentations, she/he need to register for each of the presentation. 
  3. The registration fee for both virtual attendee and on-site attendee are the same.
  4. For authors register as student, please provide related documents (ex. student ID)for validation purpose.
  5. Instruction: How to pay without a PayPal account
  6. IBII Refun Policy
  7. On-site registration is not available. All registrations must be made before March 30, 2022 and paid via PayPal, bank wire transfer or Western Union.
  8. After the payment, please fill the following confirmation form and send it back to Conference Registration Confirmation Form


  1. Full papers are not required for the conference but recommend
  2. Selected papers will be published on Journal of Management Science and Business Intelligence or Journal of Education and Social Development or American Journal of Adanced Research for FREE
  3. Deadline for submission a full paper: June 06, 2022
  4. Hard Copy will be mailed and charged separately up on request

Important Dates & Deadlines:

      - General Submission (Abstracts): March 15, 2022 Extended to March 22, 2022
      - Notification of Acceptance: Within 10 business days after submission
      - Registration: January 20, 2022 (Early Bird); Feburary 15, 2022 (Advanced); March 15, 2022 (General); after March 15, 2022 (Last-Minute)
      - IBII 2021 Multi-Conference Date: April 1-2, 2022
      - Full Paper submission (optional): June 06, 2022

Directions and Traveling:

University of North Texas at Dallas address: 7300 University Hills Blvd, Dallas, TX 75241

From DFW Airport: exit from the south entrance, head east on TX-183. Take the ramp to I-35E South.

From Love field: exit from the south entrance, turn left. Turn right on Dallas North Tollway, and take the I-35E South ramp.

From I-35E: Take the I-20 East ramp and exit immediately onto Houston School Rd and turn left University of North Texas at Dallas will be on the right.

From I-45: Take the I-20 West ramp and exit onto Houston School Rd and turn left. University of North Texas at Dallas will be on the right.



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