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Vol. 5, No. 1, Jul. 2020 (full issue pdf)
Table of Contents
A Longitudinal Financial Analysis of the University of Oxford: Traditional Missions, Innovations, and Comparisons with Select International High Research Universities - Harvard, Stanford, and the National University of Singapore

Kate A. Montgomery


Parameters Affecting the Efficacy and Relative Location of a Distribution Center in a Supply Chain with Fixed Replenishment Intervals


John S. Loucks, Andrew A. Tiger


Effective Communication as an Entry-Level Skill in the Workplace


Arlene Peltola


A Comparison of Free Online Machine Language Translators


Mahesh Vanjani and Milam Aiken


The Merging and Integration of Two General Aviation Companies: A Case Study in Effective Leadership


Robert Evenson, Jr., Timm Bliss and Mallory Casebolt















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